Gamers on guard

in News & Press
February 18th, 2020

Review from Joyce’s Choices

Gamers on guard: I just saw the season closer at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre which is dedicated to new plays, and this one is terrific and timely: DEAL ME OUT written by MJ Halberstadt. It takes place in November, 2016 the week after that revelatory presidential election. A group of gaming millennials, friends since high school, have been gathering weekly in one of their basements to play board games. On this night, all six show up, and unbeknownst to one of them–five have a very specific agenda.  Though that agenda is divulged in the show’s press materials, it’s better if you find out by watching. Let it be said that as the evening progresses, according to the agreed upon rules of the group, those “rules,” are tested and come up short.

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