Voices of BTM XIX: Beirut Balutis

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May 12th, 2017


Tell us a little bit about your play.

This play is heavily influenced by a 19th century English nursery rhyme—Solomon Grundy. Grundy lives and dies his entire life within one week. The rhyme was originally designed to help educators teach children the days of week but there is romance to the overlying ominous existential commentary in the poem that I wanted to play with: “Solomon Grundy born on a Monday…took ill on Thursday…Buried on Sunday.”

Within ten lines you get a full arc of a life. I was able to play on that construct in A Normal Story to tell the journey of a modern relationship between two men from conception to death.

What made you tell this story?

At the time I wrote this play my grandfather was terminally ill. During my visits I would watch my grandmother care and feed him; within those short moments I could see the cyclical care of their love. I hope to capture the longevity of their romance.

What’s next for you as a playwright?

This summer I teamed up with a fantastic crew of artists and designers to develop a Boston fringe festival—The Furnace Fringe—on Commonwealth Ave this July 7, 8, and 9th. It’s a huge project for all of us and we will be occupying the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre along with the 808 Gallery to bring you theatre, music, art and dance from around the world. You can follow us or get involved at furnacefringe.com. We’re always looking for help or work to promote.

What are you looking forward to most on BTM day?

When I saw the line up of artist it furthered my excitement to participate in the BTM. There are so many playwrights that I follow or admire who are presenting. It makes my heart flutter thinking I’m being presented with my role models. It’s a great mix of familiar names and names I want to get familiar with.


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