Meet Candy: Abby Goldfarb on her role in ‘Exposed’

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December 12th, 2015

Dress Rehearsal  "EXPOSED"

Abby Goldfarb as Candy and Jeremiah Kissel as Seymour (Photo: Kalman Zabarsky)

What is your role in ‘Exposed’?

Candy. The ex-showgirl wife of Seymour Sackeroff.

What have you learned while creating this role?

Oh, so much. I have learned more about trusting myself, my process, and respect for others I am fortunate enough to work with.

How did you approach and play your character? Have there been any surprising discoveries about your character during the rehearsal process?

Creating Candy has been too much fun. Originally, the role was written to be the archetypal shiksa chorus girl, but clearly (look at any picture of me and you will see), I am not a shiksa, so she became Jewish! Working with a writer like Bob, who is so collaborative and accommodating, makes it so easy to bring his characters to light and create something really special.

As an actor, what are the unique challenges of working on a new play?

The challenges of working on a new play are also the advantages, in my perspective. Creating and trying to predict how audiences will react, perceive, or understand the show, and the constant updating and editing that occurs are triggers of occasional frustration and tons of excitement. The positive of being a part of this collaborative process is the deeper connection developed between fellow actors and the play. I really feel like I have played a unique part in creating something brand new that will always be ours, no matter where it goes next!

What else inspires you artistically?

Watching television. I feel like that sounds so simple and obvious, but watching some of my favorite comedians always fuels me reignites my passion for this industry–or at least the performance aspect!

What’s next for you?

I will be performing on AIDA Cruise Line in Germany and the Mediterranean Sea for a few months doing six pop/rock shows on board!


Don’t miss Robert Brustein’s ‘Exposed,’ a new collaboration with our friends at Boston Center for American Performance, now through December 18.  Tickets