Roblyer Darren Roblyer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (shown in dual wavelength bands)

Ph.D. Rice University
B.S. Johns Hopkins University

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Member, BU Photonics Center
Member, BU-BMC Cancer Center
Member, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Program

email: roblyer(at)
Phone: 617-358-1554

Awards and Funding: Department of Defense Era of Hope Scholar, American Cancer Society Research Scholar, St. Baldrick’s Research Grant Awardee, Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care Fellow, BU Office of Tech Transfer Ignition Grant Awardee, Coulter Translational Research Grant Awardee, BU-Fraunhofer Alliance Awardee, American Cancer Society Pilot Grant Awardee, National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Program (LRP) Awardee, Department of Defense Postdoctoral Fellow, Burroughs Wellcome Fund Travel Grant, NCI T32 Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Biology, HHMI Med into Grad Fellow.

Graduate Students:

Fei Teng Fei Teng
Ph.D. Student, ECE
Wearable Probes for Chemotherapy Monitoring
Syeda Tabassum Syeda Tabassum
Ph.D. Student, ECE
Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging for Preclinical Oncology
Yanyu Zhao Yanyu Zhao
Ph.D. Student, BME
Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
Hannah_ZAF Hannah Peterson
Ph.D. Student, BME
Chemotherapy Monitoring in Osteosarcoma using Diffuse Optics
2015_BOTLab_Kavon_cropped Kavon Karrobi
Ph.D. Student, BME
Multi-scale Imaging of Chemoresistance
Raeef Istfan Raeef Istfan
Ph.D. Student, BME
Ultra-fast Diffuse Optics for Cardiac Monitoring
Anup Tank Anup Tank
M.S. Student, BME
Chemotherapy Monitoring of Breast Cancer using Diffuse Optics


Pera_sm Vivian Pera
Ph.D. Northeastern University
Computational Modelling for SFDI and DOS
Matt_Headshot Matt Applegate
Ph.D. Tufts University
Photon Efficient Microscopy, Ultra-fast DOSI, Hyperspectral SFDI
Kshama Doshi-Head shot Kshama Doshi
Ph.D. University of Maryland Baltimore
Imaging Immunologic and Antiangiogenic Responses to Metronomic Chemotherapy


Rachita Chaudhury
BME, ’18
Steven LaRochelle
BME, ’18
Fay Wang
BME, ’19


(undergraduate researchers indicated by major and graduation year)
Alyssa Torjesen M.S.
Philips Research, Boston
Justin Jung
Univ. of Waterloo, EE, ’14
Jason Porter
BME, ’14
Gaby Arguelles
BME, ’14
Julia Shi
BME, ’16
Phuong Diep
BME, ’15
Sanjana Pannem
BME, ’16
Jordan Sweer
BME, ’16
Shaheer Piracha
BME, ’17
Michelle Rose
BME, ’17