Past Visiting Scientists

Mulcahey-Hershey, Maryjane 2-14[2]

Mary Jane Mulcahey, PhD, OTR/L (2015)

Dr. Mulcahey is Professor of Occupational Therapy in the Jefferson College of Health Professions, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia and has an appointment on the Scientific Staff of the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Philadelphia. During her tenure as a Boston ROC visiting scientist, Dr. Mulcahey plans to build upon her work on developing, validating and disseminating relevant parent and child reported outcomes instruments for youth living with chronic conditions.

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Dr. Makris is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Division of Rheumatic Diseases & Clinical Sciences at UT Southwestern Medical Center, an Assistant Professor at Dallas Veteran Affairs, and an Adjust Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. Her research career has focused on back pain in older persons. During her tenure as a Boston ROC visiting scientist, she will be continuing her work on identifying outcomes that are most relevant to older adults with back pain.





Mary Stilphen, DPT is the Senior Director of Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy at Cleveland Clinics.  During her tenure as a Visiting Scientist, she will continue with research activities using outcome data to inform decision-making about service delivery and discharge recommendations.  As a Boston ROC Visiting Scientist, she will be supported to examine data collected at Cleveland Clinics (50,000+ assessments) and develop proposals to conduct funded research.

Selected References:

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Dr. Ellis is an Assistant Professor at Boston University’s College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. As the Director of the Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University, she has several years of experience conducting clinical trials investigating the efficacy of particular types of exercise in persons with Parkinson’s Disease. During her tenure as Boston ROC Visiting Scientist, she has worked on building on her prior work in Parkinson Disease and lay the critical groundwork necessary to conduct a large-scale clinical trial examining the benefits of physical activity in slowing disability in persons with PD.

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Beth Temple

Dr. Pfeiffer earned a B.A. in Psychology and Special Education from Arcadia University; a M.S. in Occupational Therapy with a specialization in pediatrics from Temple University; and a Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University teaching pediatric courses and mentoring research in the entry-level and post-professional occupational therapy programs. Her research focuses on sensory-based interventions and outcomes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Dr. Pfeiffer’s interest in outcome measures research developed from a need to have valid and sensitive measures that can determine the effectiveness of interventions for individuals with ASD across the lifespan. Although there are many well-developed tools to guide in the treatment process for sensory-based disorders in individuals with ASD, there are few that are developed to measure the outcomes of interventions. Specifically, Dr. Pfeiffer is in the preliminary phase of developing an assessment measuring the impact of sensory processing in young children with ASD.

Selected References:

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Jacob Kean

Dr. Kean recieved his Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, in 2008; a  M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2002, and a B.S. in English Education from Ball State University, Muncie, IN, in 1996. His research interests include the assessment and treatment of acquired neurogenic cognitive and communicative disorders. He  currently directs projects to evaluate the impact of prescription medications on early cognitive recovery following traumatic brain injury and serves as a collaborator on several projects to refine measures of postacute rehabilitation outcome, telehealth compliance, and severe mental illness treatment fidelity. Dr. Kean was also invited to present  “Measuring early recovery and outcome following brain injury” at the HDRI seminar series in January, 2011.

Please click here for an interview with Dr. Kean.

Selected References:

Kean, J., Altman, I. M., Swick, S. & Malec, J. F. (in press). Rasch Meaurement analysis of the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) in a community-based rehabilitation sample. Journal of Neurotrauma.

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Dr Resnik’s research activities bridge the methodologies of rehabilitation and health services research. Her interests include rehabilitation service delivery, outcomes measurement, prosthetics and amputation, and postdeployment reintegration. She is a member of 3 research teams; Brown’s Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research, Providence VA’s Research Enhancement Program and Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine. More….

Dr. Resnik’s work at the Boston ROC will focus on patient-reported outcomes. She is working to develop a new instrument to assess community reintegration among veterans.

Click here to watch a short video of Dr. Resnik talking about her work.


Selected References:

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