Pilot Study Applications


The Boston ROC Network, a collaboration among researchers from Boston University, Harvard Medical School/ Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and Tufts University, aims to enhance the development and refinement of measures of key rehabilitation outcomes, and thus improve rehabilitation clinical trial and related research. This theme is particularly relevant given the demand from payers, policy makers, clinicians and consumers for evidence to support the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions.  Recent advances in patient reported outcomes (PROs), innovations in performance-based outcome measures (PBMs), and instrumented outcome measures (IOMs) have made it possible to overcome many of the limitations of traditional outcome measures.

A Pilot Study application should include a letter of intent, a single spaced application (not to exceed three pages), and an NIH biosketch.

Focus on main theme:

The content area of proposed research should address the development or refinement of rehabilitation outcome measurement in one of the following areas:

  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Performance-based Measures
  • Instrumented Outcomes Measurement


We welcome investigators from all disciplines that are interested in the development and refinement of innovative outcomes measures available for rehabilitation research. While early career investigators will receive priority, we welcome applications from all interested investigators at any stage of their career.

Review Criteria:

  • Scientific merit. The proposed study must be innovative and original in order to advance our scientific knowledge in rehabilitation outcome measurement.
  • Likelihood that project will result in future extramural funding. Study will be prioritized if there is a high likelihood that the results and data generated from this project will lead to a larger, more definitive project that will be competitive for extramural funding.
  • Integration of Boston ROC Research Cores. The applications will be prioritized if they involve Boston ROC Research Cores in Patient Reported Outcomes (Alan Jette, Director ajette@bu.edu), Performance-based Measures (Roger Fielding, Director, roger.fielding @ tufts.edu, or Jonathan Bean jfbean@partners.org), or  Instrumented Outcomes Measurement (Paolo Bonato, Director, pbonato@partners.org).

Instructions for the Preparation of the Abstract:

The three-page application should describe the following:

  • Description of the specific aims and general approach
  • The significance of the project to the rehabilitation outcome measurement field
  • Plans for future project funding
  • Plans for utilizing Boston ROC Core(s)
  • The applicant’s background and training and career development plans

Page Limit: No more than three pages

Additional Materials:

  • References
  • Biosketch
  • Budget Justification

Duration of the Project: One year

Amount of moneys available: Applicants are encouraged to submit a budget for $30,000 with the understanding that the funded amount may be lower depending on the availability of funding.  Preference will be given to candidates whose institutions are willing to accept an 8% indirect recovery rate.

Deadline for Submission: December 15, 2013

Review Process: The abstracts will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and you should expect to be notified on or before February 1, 2014 whether or not your proposal has been selected for funding.  Start date for projects is March 1, 2014.

How to submit the application: Please submit the letter of intent and the abstract of your proposal by e-mail to Molly Marino memarino@bu.edu (617-638-1990)

Questions: Should you have any questions, please, e-mail them to Molly Marino at memarino@bu.edu