Boston ROC Pilot Studies

Picture1The Boston ROC Pilot Studies Program is a valuable tool for rehabilitation investigators across the country to obtain preliminary data and the guidance needed to design and evaluate measurement outcomes for use in clinical trials and related rehabilitation research. The key goal of the Pilot Studies Program is to assist researchers in developing research projects and preliminary support for high quality research proposals that will advance CROs for use in rehabilitation research.

Every year, the Boston ROC sponsors several pilot research studies that address the development or refinement of rehabilitation outcome measurement in one of the three Boston ROC Cores, Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO), Performance-based Measures (PBM), and Instrumented Outcomes Measurement (IOM). The program supports researchers interested in developing, refining and applying innovative outcomes measures for rehabilitation research.

Previously funded projects have ranged from evaluating a CAT assessment for osteoarthritis, identifying a quantitative measure of physical activity intensity in youth with cerebral palsy for clinical trials, refining a CAT for community reintegration for injured service members.

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