Research Seminar, "Aquatic Exercise Interventions to improve physical activity & fitness in children with CP: ARE WE ALL WET?" Maria Fragala-Pinkham and Maggie O’Neil

12:00 pm on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
1:00 pm on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Talbot 519
The purposes of this seminar presentation are to: 1.) Give a brief progress report on our Boston ROC pilot study: Validity of Accelerometry to Measure Physical Activity Intensity in Youth with Cerebral Palsy 2.) Get feedback from the group on next steps for obtaining grant funds for an RCT using accelerometry as a clinical outcome measure a. Maria and Maggie have been unsuccessful in two R21 grant submissions to NICHD/NCMRR using the parent announcement mechanism. b. In both grant submissions, they proposed an RCT using an aquatic exercise intervention and fitness and physical activity (accelerometry) outcome measures Preliminary findings from their Boston ROC pilot study suggest that all three accelerometers (StepWatch at the ankle; ActiGraph at the hip; and BodyMedia Sensewear on the arm) are valid measures of physical activity intensity for children and youth with cerebral palsy during a physical activity protocol. These pilot data were not available when we submitted both R21 grants (Feb. 2011 & Feb. 2012). Therefore, they believe that the next grant submission will be strengthened by these data. In this presentation, they will give a brief overview of the Boston ROC pilot project to link it to our R21 grant submissions to date. They will focus the majority of their time on reviewing summary sheets from each grant submission and our response to reviewers for the first grant submission. They hope to get feedback from the group to help with the design of a new RCT grant proposal in which accelerometers will be used as the primary outcome measure to examine effectiveness of an activity-based intervention.