Boston ROC Co-Director Alan Jette, PhD, PT, to Receive the Mary McMillan Lecture Award

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February 28th, 2012

Alan Jette, PT, PhD, was selected for the Mary McMillan Lecture Award, and will present his lecture at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) 2012 Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL in June.  The Mary McMillan Lecture Award is given annually to someone who has “made distinguished contributions to the profession of physical therapy in the areas administration, education, patient care, or research.”

Dr. Jette’s presentation will focus on America’s impeding demographic shift of enormous magnitude: increasing longevity, declining fertility, and the aging of the baby boom which are triggering an enormous ‘age wave.’ We are facing changing health care needs of Americans, the challenge of limited access to all health care services by millions of our citizens, and unsustainable cost escalation. In response health care is changing fundamentally. In the 2012 McMillan Lecture, Dr. Jette will discuss three critical ‘system skills’ that physical therapists must develop to practice successfully in a changing health care environment. First, to practice effectively, therapists must become interested in data. Secondly, they must become skilled in the ability to devise solutions for the system problems that data and experience uncover. And finally, the third skill the physical therapy profession must develop is the ability to implement at scale – the ability to get therapists and other health professionals along the entire chain of care functioning in concert, in collaboration. He will discuss Vision 2020 as it relates to these challenges and the degree to which I believe we as physical therapists are equipped with the system skills needed to function within effective health care systems, skills such as: standardized measurement and data collection, quality improvement & implementation techniques, diffusion of standardized practice models and innovations, and research skills to conduct comparative and cost effectiveness research that we need to identify what works in physical therapy, for what conditions, under what circumstances, and at what cost.

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