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Act 2

Who hasn't thought of abandoning their career for something completely different – something exciting, meaningful, daring?

The Play's the Thing: Behind the Scenes at BPT

At the Boston Playwrights' Theatre, all's fair in the name of a good show.

For Posse Scholars, It’s About Honor

Why 12 kids came to BU from Atlanta, and brought each other.

The First Circuit's First Woman

For Judge Sandra Lynch, the most important decision is about the case that isn't in front of you.

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

"I Saw a Lot of Smiles Today"

On a historic election night, students come together

The Iceman Stayeth

Ice hockey head coach Jack Parker (SMG'68,HON'97) talks about thirty-five years on the bench

Sargent Choice Cooking

BU executive chef Walter Dunphy prepares pan-seared chicken with sage

The Hardest Hit

Pro athletes are donating their brains to BU for a study of the lasting effects of concussions

How a Glowing Jellyfish Earned a Nobel Nod

MED's Shimomura wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Classroom: Poetry 101 Revisited

Uncovering the genius and artistry of Bob Dylan's lyrics

The Dreams That Plays Are Made On

A CFA professor says there’s good theater in dreams

Rocking Around Comm Ave

New faces and new sounds of the BU music scene

Stranger Than Fiction

BU takes a page from the Harry Potter series, fielding its first Quidditch team

Student ID

Sitting down with Allyson Junker (UNI'09)

Spring Fling

Diver Tess Waresmith makes a splash

Master of Ceremonies

Filmmaker Zhang Yimou, director of Olympics spectacle, to receive honorary degree

Go Back to School — on Your iPod

iTunes U brings BU lectures, videos, and sports straight to your screen

Board of Trustees Appoints Stephen Karp

Real estate expert is founder and chair of New England Development

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Danger in Numbers

A new diagnostic tool may stem pandemics by keeping the sick out of the hospital

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Hamlet of Arabia

Shakespeare's melancholy Dane becomes a potent political symbol

A Happier Pregnancy for Depressed Women

Psychiatric medications taken during pregnancy are less risky than feared

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Freedom Isn't Free

Andrew Bacevich explores the cost of America's desire to have it all

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Editing Eliot

Christopher Ricks relishes the sound of the words as much as their meaning

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From Axl to Zep

Rock biographer Stephen Davis (CAS’70) chronicles the rise and fall of Guns N’ Roses

Images of Obama

Pete Souza's still images document Barack Obama’s path to the presidency

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

Reunion and Alumni Weekend

Featuring multimedia coverage of this year's Reunion and Alumni Weekend

Bravo, Andy!

Happily ensconced at pop culture’s epicenter, Andy Cohen produces some of television’s most-watched programs

Roots Music

Violinist Ann Ourada Strubler didn’t know where her talent came from until she met her birth parents

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A Master of his Craft

Jack Falla, longtime COM lecturer, was generous in assisting students

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Kid Tested

A mother of five finds her life is the stuff of reality television