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Rocking Around Comm Ave

The new faces and sounds of the BU music scene

| From Commonwealth

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Dan MacDonald (CFA’10) is the mod folk troubadour who performs as Spitzer Space Telescope.

BU has long been a musical hub — think the Remains, the J. Geils Band, the James Montgomery Band. The music defining BU’s sound these days — created by such acts as Spitzer Space Telescope, Forest Henderson and Interrobang!? — is much more diverse, following no predictable style or genre. These bands aren’t yet topping the charts, but they’re building audiences and owning their eclecticism with confidence. They prove that BU still has the rock and roll chops.

Alan Wong (COM’02), a producer-editor at BU Productions, has created a series of videos that showcase the contemporary BU sound. He’s calling the series the 808 Sessions, since they were shot on location at 808 Commonwealth Avenue in a large and artsy space that provided just the right visual and acoustic backdrop.

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Folk rockers Grimis are videotaped for the 808 Sessions. Video images by Alan Wong

The series features performances by musicians, bands, and song-writers from the BU community: Rory Nolan (COM’10) of the musical collective Interrobang!? (who self-identify as “happy hard-core anarcho punk ska”); Dan MacDonald (CFA’10), the mod folk troubadour who performs as Spitzer Space Telescope; singer Billy Hubbard (CAS’08) and his rock band Forest Henderson; “Rockin’ Bob” Cenci, whose day job is in tech support at BU’s Office of Information Systems, Planning, and Support; David Tanklefsky (COM’08) and indie-jam rockers Grimis; and alt rockers First to Seven — Ryan Camilon (CAS’10, MED’10), Andrew Lee (SMG’10), Tanmay Parekh (SAR’10), and Andrew Bisdale (CAS’10).

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