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Alums return to campus for a Reunion & Alumni Weekend of fun, friends, and hockey

Slide Show by Nathaniel Boyle and Robin Berghaus, Text by Katie Koch (CAS'09, COM'09), Photographs by Kalman Zabarsky, Frank Curran, and Jessica Sharp (COM'08)

Evan Kazan hasn’t strayed far from his alma mater since he graduated in May — he lives in Cambridge. That makes things easy when he wants to see the Terriers play.

Kazan (SMG’08) was among the alumni returning to campus for Boston University’s Reunion & Alumni Weekend, October 24–26, open for the first time to alums of all class years. On Saturday night, he was looking for tickets to the BU men’s hockey game against Michigan. “I live and breathe hockey,” he said.

More than 1,500 alums, young and old, from around the country were expected for three days of lectures, luncheons, tours, and activities.

Highlights included a University-wide leadership luncheon honoring Alumni Award recipients, a young alumni community service project at a Dorchester elementary school, and an Oktoberfest dinner, featuring a lederhosen-clad polka band. And although the Terriers’ 7-2 win against the higher-ranked Wolverines provided a perfect ending to the weekend for most alums, a brave few held off on celebrating the victory long enough to take part in a 5K Fun Run/Walk along the Charles River early Sunday morning.

With an attendance nearly twice that of past years, Reunion & Alumni Weekend 2008 has set the bar for future alumni gatherings, said Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore.

“I love the turnout, and I’m impressed with the turnout of our young alums especially,” said Elmore (SED’87) as he noshed on a traditional German dinner of sausages and kraut at Oktoberfest. “Now we just have to capture this spirit and energy throughout the year.”

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On Sunday, 11/9/2008 at 8:32pm, Victor Price (CBS'78) wrote:

What wonderful memories of my BU experience come flooding back when I read these comments. I will always feel a real connection to Boston University and hope to attend a reunion in the near future.

On Friday, 11/7/2008 at 12:05pm, Brian Gilmour (SED'67) wrote:

Even though I could not attend the reunion, I feel as though I am always in touch with B.U. Whether through regular updates on the success of the hockey program provided by our Terrier Hockey network or by Bostonia - magazine & online, BU is never far away. In Canada, we try to maintain a connection with other alums either formally or informally with planned events and frequent e-mails. There are a lot of BU reunions every day.

On Monday, 11/3/2008 at 7:33pm, Robbie Fritz Warach (SON'82) wrote:

Great slide show. I missed the reunioun due to a psychopharmacology conference. Great idea to merge all the schools though! I would love to get in touch with former classmates! 2 out of 4of my children have graduated from BU and it is by far one of the most important parts of life's preparation! Thank You BU! I love the lectures!

On Monday, 11/3/2008 at 1:52pm, jane injety, R.N. M.Ed (SED'88) wrote:

Yes I totally agree with powel owens about the thousands of students who graduated from the many overseas campuses while we were active duty serving the country. Nothing is ever mentioned about it. I would love to meet some of my old friends I went to classes with in the evenings and weekends, for two years. And meet some of the professors who came and lived in Europe to educate us. I can help with the work of getting the ball rolling in order to have a reunion just for those who have been forgotten. Mr. Owens and others may contact me at your leisure if I can assist in any way. Atleast a list of names and email addresses to contact people to say hello would be great.

On Monday, 11/3/2008 at 11:09am, Lisa Laubgross (COM'83) wrote:

Although I missed the official reunion activities, I did spend the weekend in Boston with Alicia Gordon Klein (SMG '85) and Jane Katzoff (SMG '83) and their beautiful daughters - Deborah Klein, Sadie Klein, and Alyssa Katzoff. A good time was had by all! No visit to BU is complete without a trip to the bookstore to purchase the latest BU apparel. I just love my new BU socks and sweatpants!

On Friday, 10/31/2008 at 4:43pm, Marcie Poller-Babyatsky (SED'80) wrote:

I brought my daughter who is 17 to the reunion and also to visit colleges.It was a wonderful weekend and I was highly impressed with how much the university has changed since I was a student there. Looking forward to a 1980 reunion!

On Friday, 10/31/2008 at 1:49pm, powell w. owens (SED'77) wrote:

I have noticed throughout my association with Boston U. hardly any mention has ever been made of the extensive oversea campuses which has had thousands of military graduates pass through its doors. Lots of money has been made and many of these people studied while in combat! If, there has been mention for example of it's German campuses located on the military bases, please let us know, so we can meet and celebrate our old professors and alumni. Where do these students and professors fit in to the scheme of things. How do they find each other. Maybe, just maybe more donations might be given from some of bostons graduates who have been serving their country and still serving the school... I am not saying lets research and investigate the past, I'm saying let's get the ball rolling. First by sending us a list of the old professors sent here by the school, and let us know if they are still alive or not. Thanks!

On Friday, 10/31/2008 at 1:37pm, anne sherman thomson (SON'59) wrote:

My husband (Alex) missed his 50th, but I hope to get the SON gang together (even tho BU closed that wonderful school) for our 50th next year!

On Friday, 10/31/2008 at 7:47am, bill barr (CGS'63, CLA'65) wrote:

Has anyone heard about Gerald Hawkins, our Astronomy prof who solved the mystery of Stonehenge using the state of the art JIBM 360 computer we had? Just wondering, cause it was the only class I got an A (actually an A- ) in......

On Friday, 10/31/2008 at 3:20am, Mary Vannucci (CFA'70) wrote:

Thanks for a good time at the CFA reception. I would like to know more about other classmates of the infamous class of 1070. People tell me they have heard about us. So how do I make contact? Mary Vannucci, Painting Major SFA' 70.

On Thursday, 10/30/2008 at 1:51pm, Gil Bennett (STH'53) wrote:

Must have been a wow of a weekend! Only one question: what is the Trotter School — and named for whom? Good job on the coverage! I have Parkinsons, and couldn't attend- Wife, Joan (Warneka) Bennett grad from Sargent in '51 and has cancer, so couldn't attend either. She's 79 years old, and I'm 82.

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