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Fourteen Are Charged With Hazing

Victims were found with welts on their backs

| From BU Today | By Art Jahnke

Image courtesy of Alpha Epsilon Pi

Fourteen BU students are charged with hazing, assault and battery, and failure to report hazing in connection with an alleged hazing of pledges to Alpha Epsilon Pi, a fraternity that is not recognized by the University.

The incident, discovered early on the morning of April 9 by Boston Police responding to a complaint of a loud party at 24 Ashford Street in Allston, left five apparent pledges dressed only in their underwear standing in the basement, covered with various food ingredients and with their hands bound together, according to a BPD report. Further investigation revealed red welts on the backs of the alleged victims.

The same fraternity was involved in another alleged hazing incident last month with Sigma Delta Tau (SDT) sorority. In that case, two women were treated and released from the hospital for intoxication following a booze-related incident involving SDT and AEPi.

SDT was suspended by the University while Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore (SED’87) conducted an investigation. “We found we needed to talk to additional students” during that process, so “we are going to still keep the sorority on suspension until further notice, until we have time to talk to more students,” says Elmore.

Elmore says his office will conduct an investigation in accordance with the University’s disciplinary process. “This is a serious, serious incident,” he says. “What’s troubling is we have a group of students affiliated with AEPi who were involved in this and the other incident. The consistent fact has been that members of this organization have been involved in both incidents.”

The Boston Globe reports that the national fraternity suspended the BU chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi and its 30 members, saying the actions reported clearly violated the group’s guidelines.

According to the police report, the victims in Monday’s incident were doused with flour, honey, chili sauce, coffee grinds, fish sauce, and mustard. All of the students involved declined to talk to the police. The incident so concerned Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino (Hon.’01) that he asked BU to forward the findings of their investigation to the city.

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