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The 808 Sessions: Spitzer Space Telescope, Forest Henderson, Interrobang!?, Bob Cenci, Grimis, and First to Seven

| From BU Today | By Alan Wong

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First to Seven

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"Once Scene, Twice Shy"
"Don't Turn Away"

Alternative rock group First to Seven started two years ago as a couple of guys — Ryan Camilon (CAS’10, MED’13) and Andrew Lee (SMG’10) — in Warren Towers with acoustic guitars. It wasn’t until their sophomore year that Camilon, a vocalist, and Lee, who plays lead guitar, decided to expand the project to a full band.

With inspiration from bands like Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, and Third Eye Blind, First to Seven has become what Camilon calls “a big music project-slash-party.” While plenty of practices are spent writing and perfecting songs, “there are other times when we just take breaks and crack jokes,” he says. “First to Seven is what we’ve always wanted: a band that we and other people like listening to.”

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"Nobody Knows My Name"
"All My Friends"

Last August, most students were getting ready to return to school. Not singer and guitarist David Tanklefsky of Grimis: he was in a van with his bandmates on an ambitious 32-date national tour that took them across the country and back.

Tanklefsky, bassist Andy Doherty, drummer Pete Michelinie, and guitarist Lyle Brewer began their life as musicians playing jazz together in high school. The childhood friends eventually formed Grimis, which Tanklefsky describes as “something near folk-rock, after exploring lots of jazz and more improvisational music.

Their new record can be purchased currently at shows and online in early 2009.

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Bob Cenci

Click on a song below to watch it performed live:

"Eleven Roses"

Cenci has been bringing punk’s simple three-chord sound to fans since the early ’80s.

“At the shows, a cop would be hired to patrol the activity — some crazy stuff was happening,” says Cenci. “This was the birth of slam dancing and stage diving, which were not received well by the authority figures.”

Check out Cenci playing guitar with the Wynotts in the 2006 documentary American Hardcore.

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Click on a song below to watch it performed live:

"Just Regression"
"All Night"

When asked to describe the musical collective known as Interrobang!? singer and synth player Rory Nolan is stumped.

“Oh, jeez,” he says. “Happy hard-core anarcho-punk ska?”

In this performance, Nolan (COM’10) and guitarist Colin Briggs present a truncated version of the band’s usual eight piece lineup that they refer to as the Interro-Dance Party.

Interrobang!? has a blog and be sure to check out their Just Regression EP, which can be purchased at shows and on iTunes.

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Spitzer Space Telescope

Click on a song below to watch it performed live:

"California Condor"
"Song of Voyage"
"The River Styx"

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, Dan MacDonald is the effusive and energetic singer-songwriter behind Spitzer Space Telescope. “My sound is a resurrection of traditional and ’60s revivalist folk music,” says MacDonald (CFA’10). “People tell me what I’m doing is different, but I think they just aren’t familiar with my sources.”

Spitzer Space Telescope t-shirts and two homemade EPs can be purchased online.

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Forest Henderson

Click on a song below to watch it performed live:

“Friday Night”
“The Things I Could Do”

Last year, recent grad Billy Hubbard (CAS’08) led a dual life. By day, he was a physics and math major working with nanomaterials. By night, he was — and still is — the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Forest Henderson whose current lineup also includes guitarist and vocalist Matt Ott, bassist Chris Reckert, and drummer Skye Mazuroski.

The group’s debut EP, “You’re Out of the Band!” can be purchased at shows and online.

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Stay tuned for more from the 808 Sessions, shot on location at 808 Commonwealth Ave. and featuring performances by musicians, bands, and songwriters from the BU community.

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On Friday, 12/12/2008 at 2:55pm, Leanne A(CAS'83) wrote:

I really enjoyed this series! I agree with the other comments in relation to sound, quality, music, etc. Wonderful! Forest Henderson really rocks!

On Thursday, 12/11/2008 at 10:20am, Vern Miller (CFA'69) wrote:

Felt like the band was in my living room. Great exposure for great music.

On Thursday, 12/11/2008 at 10:18am, sandra racioppi mayer (SON'71) wrote:

As a member of BU Band, The Remains, I toured with The Beatles in 1966. My new band, The Caterpillar Book, has just released our debut CD. The Caterpillar Book is about change. It is about growth and understanding. The change that happens to all of us as we become our true selves. Ryan O'Dell, Dan Mertens and Kris Van Cleave have been playing together since they met as students at school. Two CD's and several band names later, bassist Vern Miller joined the group, which is now called "The Caterpillar Book." Add in John Williams on guitar and the group was finalized. With roots that go deep into rock and roll, the band is full of influences but likens itself to Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Goo-Goo Dolls, Oasis and Counting Crows. As well as being multi-instrumentalists, all the band members are songwriters and singers, which further contributes to the unique mix heard in their original material. "Our goal is to express ourselves as musicians and artists through songs that touch the heart and soul, make you laugh, make you think, and make no musical or philosophical compromises." The Caterpillar's Book's first CD, "Maybe This Summer" is now available digitally on iTunes and digistation.com and physically on CDBaby. We'd love to play a gig at BU. Please check us out at www.myspace.com/thecaterpillarbook. I can be contacted at vernbass@juno.com. Thanks, Vern Miller, The Remains/The Caterpillar Book

On Thursday, 11/11/2008 at 7:56am, Zac (CAS'96) wrote:

Awesome series -- I love the production and wish there was something like this 13 years ago when I played in a band at BU. Keep up the great work!

On Thursday, 11/11/2008 at 12:47am, Rick S. (CFA'78) wrote:

All acts were quite unoriginal. By and large it is consistent with the commercial genre of pop music: It is dead.

On Friday, 11/14/2008 at 9:00pm, Craig Howard (ENG'92) wrote:

Very cool ! Good quality video, sound and great music.

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