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Just two decades ago, staying connected after graduation meant swapping home phone numbers and addresses—maybe even your parents’ addresses—and sharing your postcollege progress in handwritten letters. It took dedication to stay in touch year after year.

Today, of course, social media has trumped all other forms of alumni communication—and inflated our address books and inboxes exponentially. Without trying, you can find out about friends you haven’t seen or written to in years.

This culture shift, and the ensuing ease of nurturing and harnessing a widespread personal network, has made your BU Alumni Association more valuable than ever. It has never been so simple for alumni to stay connected with one another, and with BU, to access a robust online support system, to connect socially, and to network professionally.

Your Alumni Association’s social networks offer an opportunity to share information, creativity, wisdom, and more. The BU alumni community brings together almost 300,000 smart, sophisticated people with a vast range of experiences and a lot to say. Join the conversation.

Here are just a few ways to take advantage of social media through your Alumni Association:

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