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Andre Watson ProfileAndre Watson (CAS'09), Men's Diving

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Graduating Class: CAS'09

Hometown: Hempstead, New York

Why He's a Winner: Broke all but two school diving records and competed at the 2009 NCAA championship, placing 31st overall.

Defining Moment: "I was ten when I heard Missy Elliott's 'Sock It 2 Me.' She sings about doing the backstroke, so I nagged my mom to sign me up for swimming lessons. But I got bored with swimming pretty quickly, until one day I saw a kid dive off the high-dive board. I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do."

Biggest Challenge: "I've always struggled with self confidence. I had a terrible time mastering the reverse two-and-a-half pike dive — it's a scary dive because you're flipping toward the board — and it really made me doubt myself. Diving is a sport that if you mess up, you can get really hurt, so it's very mentally and emotionally draining."

Most Important Lesson: "Diving has taught me to be humble. This is a sport where you can be at the top one day and on the bottom the next. Losing and winning put things in perspective."

Mistake He Can Laugh About Now: "Last year when we swam against Holy Cross, my teammates suggested I swim the fifty-meter race just for fun. I swam well, but I had to dive right afterward, and I was so exhausted that I couldn't feel my legs. I didn't dive well that day. From that point on I stuck to diving."

Future Endeavor: "Law school, and after graduation I hope to coach a children's diving team."

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