Andrea Walkonen (SAR'09, SED'10) Women's Track and Field and Cross Country


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Andrea Walkonen's ProfileAndrea Walkonen (SAR'09, SED'10), Women's Track and Field and Cross Country

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Graduating Class: SAR'09, SED'10

Hometown: Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Event: Distance

Why She's a Winner: Broke a school record at the 2009 NCAA Indoor Track Tournament by running the 5K race in 16:03; earned All-America status with a 21st-place finish at the 2008 NCAA Cross-Country Championship; ran the 10,000-meter race in 33:18 minutes, the fastest time for a U.S. runner under twenty years of age and the fifth best time recorded by an NCAA athlete, in 2006; set a conference record in the 5,000-meter race with a time of 16:13.80 in 2006.

Defining Moment: "In high school, I only ran for fun, and I never considered running in college until BU recruited me. I remember thinking, why is a college recruiting me? That's when I realized that I could actually go somewhere with my running."

Biggest Challenge: "Injuries are really common among distance runners, and sometimes I get really discouraged because I'm so frequently injured. I missed my entire junior year because of a broken bone that got stuck in a nerve."

Greatest Insecurity: "For two years I suffered from female athlete triad syndrome, which means that I wasn't eating enough and I was exercising too much. I thought that thinner equaled faster. But I'm in a much better place now, and I'm confident in myself and in my abilities."

Most Important Lesson: "Life isn't all about running, and it wouldn't be the same without the support of my family, friends, and teammates."

Future Endeavor: "Running in the 2012 Olympics. I'll run until I can no longer do it. I'll be that little old lady in the Boston Marathon jogging with my walker."

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