David Proctor (SAR'08) Men's Track and Field and Cross Country


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David Proctor's ProfileDavid Proctor (SAR'08), Men's Track and Field and Cross Country

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Graduating Class: SAR'08

Hometown: Rochdale, England

Event: Middle Distances

Why He's a Winner: Set school record with 3:59.14-mile, becoming the first Terrier to break 4 minutes; tied a school record in the 1,000-meter with a time of 2:22.46; set school records as part of the distance-medley team that finished in 9:43.21 at the Alex Wilson Invitational in 2007 and as part of the 4x800-meter relay team that finished at 7:25.23 at the 2009 IC4A Championships.

Defining Moment: "I was ten years old during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta — the year Michael Johnson's 200-meter gold medal win broke world records — and I remember thinking, when planes go this fast, they take off. Why is this guy not flying?"

Biggest Challenge: "During high school, I was running on natural talent, and I didn't do much endurance training. When I came to BU, the coaches told me to increase my mileage, and that was hard."

Greatest Insecurity: "When you're a school record-holder, you're expected to perform at a certain level. If I don't perform as well as I think I should, I feel like I've let people down."

Most Important Lesson: "Track is an individual sport, and it requires you to know yourself and your body well. I was anorexic during freshman and sophomore years because I thought I'd put on too much weight to be fast. I remember the day I made the connection in my head that what I was doing was actually hurting me. Restrictive eating caused my underperformance and injuries. I learned the small things that help my body: hydration, nutrition, and psychology."

Future Endeavor: "Medical school, but first try out for the 2012 Olympics in London."

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