Corey Lowe (SHA'10) Men's Basketball


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Corey Lowe's ProfileCorey Lowe (SHA'10), Men's Basketball

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Graduating Class: SHA'10

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts

Position: Point Guard

Why He's a Winner: Set school record for three-pointers in a season (92) during the 2007–2008 season; named to America East Conference First Team; ranked second in the conference in overall scoring.

Defining Moment: "When I was seven, I was shooting hoops at the gym and a coach asked my mom if I could play in his travel league. Things took off from there. I always challenged myself by playing with older kids who were more skilled than I was."

Biggest Challenge: "Staying motivated and keeping my eyes on the prize, especially when our successes are up and down. I felt like our team underachieved this season."

Greatest Insecurity: "I worry that I've let down my teammates because I've missed almost thirty games to injuries. I ask myself, would we have had a better season if I had played?"

Most Important Lesson: "Wanting something isn't enough — you have to work for it."

Mistake He Can Laugh About Now: "I've dribbled the ball off my feet, walked the ball, and missed a couple of crucial passes."

Future Endeavor: "Try out for the NBA. If I don't make the pros, I'll play overseas."

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