Christy Leath (SAR'09,'11) Women's Softball


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Christy Leath's ProfileChristy Leath (SAR'09,'11), Women's Softball

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Graduating Class: SAR'09,'11

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Position: Catcher

Why She's a Winner: Broke the single-season school record for walks (73) in 2008; awarded 2007 America East Player of the Year; named to the All-Conference First Team and the NFCA Northeast Region Second Team in 2007; named the 2009 BU Woman of the Year.

Defining Moment: "I've played softball since I was ten years old. Both of my parents and older brothers played. A lot of girls from my area played in college, and that's how I learned that I could get into a good school and get a good education through sports."

Biggest Challenge: "Speed, or lack thereof. I'm not a fast runner, and sometimes that affects my game."

Greatest Insecurity: "I expect a lot of myself, so I get down on myself when I'm not performing as well as I think I should be. I hate to feel like I'm letting down my team."

Most Important Lesson: "Never stop playing until the last out is made, and if you lose, lose graciously."

Mistake She Can Laugh About Now: "Sophomore year I threw the ball into left field when there was a runner on third base. She scored and we lost the game."

Future Endeavor: "I'm staying at BU to study occupational therapy."

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