Jesyka Burks-Wiley (CAS'09) Women's Basketball


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Jesyka Burks-Wiley's ProfileJesyka Burks-Wiley (CAS'09), Women's Basketball

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Graduating Class: CAS'09

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Position: Forward

Why She's a Winner: Named 2009 America East Player of the Year and Region I finalist for the 2009 State Farm Coaches' All-America Basketball Team; member of first undefeated America East team in BU history.

Defining Moment: "I've been playing basketball since I was in second grade. It's a family tradition. My grandfather, Lester Burks, was an original Globe Trotter, and my uncle, Steve Burks, is a hometown record-holder. Freshman year of high school I realized I could get my education paid for by doing something I'm really good at and really love."

Biggest Challenge: "Time management. I've learned I can't procrastinate."

Greatest Insecurity: "I don't think I have any, and I credit that to my teammates."

Most Important Lesson: "When you play with a group of girls for so long, you teach one another to have self-confidence. For example, as a freshman, I wasn't a big three-point shooter. Now when there's an opening, I trust myself to take the shot."

Mistake She Can Laugh About Now: "I have a tendency to trip over my own feet, and during a game against BC freshman year, even though I had a good half-court head start, I completely lost control of the dribble. The BC girls caught it and fouled me."

Future Endeavor: "Play in an overseas league for a few years and then apply for assistant coaching jobs at the college level."

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