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Fall 2008

Along the Avenue

A Two-year Construction Project Has Made Comm. Ave. Safer for Pedestrians and More Attractive

| From Commonwealth

It’s not just the color photo (bottom), taken this past September, that makes the Charles River Campus look more vibrant than it did in 1984 (top). It is greener than it was a quarter-century ago. A two-year construction project has made the road safer for pedestrians and more attractive, with trees and greenery along the T tracks and curbs. The project, which began in summer 2006, was part of an effort, overseen by the Massachusetts Highway Department, to spruce up the road and make it more pedestrian-friendly. Workers eliminated one of three traffic lanes on the westbound side, widened the sidewalks and crosswalks, improved access for the disabled, built the city’s first bike lane (a one-mile stretch from Kenmore Square to the BU Bridge), installed raised granite planters, benches, and bicycle racks — and planted 200 trees.

Views of Commonwealth Avenue in 1984 (top) and 2008 (bottom).

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