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In his 23-year career advising College of General Studies students, Louis Mayhew recalls countless conversations that have gone something like this: “I’m here because I want to go into the Questrom School of Business, but I also love music. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with these two things.”

“What I say to students is, ‘Look, we have to learn how to incorporate things into our lives. Just because you’re going to be in business doesn’t mean you can’t play music or do art or whatever,’” he says. “‘It just means you’ll find ways to incorporate that interest into your life so it becomes an asset, and it’s something positive that you enjoy.’”

Mayhew (SSW’93) knows something about balancing outside interests with a career path. In addition to advising CGS freshmen and sophomores, he is a musician who plays in two bands. After learning to play the trumpet in the fourth grade, he moved on to the guitar and the harmonica. He plays both instruments in the backup band for local blues singer Shor’ty Billups and in the Mayhew Brothers Band (his brother plays the bass).

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