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It’s 11:50 on a Saturday morning at Dean Elmore’s house, and the band Milk has just arrived for load-in for “BU Today Sessions,” a professional 10 minutes early. Inside, the video crew is running late.

Keyboardist Samuel Taber (CAS’13), drummer Jesse Galkowski (COM’13), bassist Luke Savoca (CAS’13), and singer-guitarist Matthew Brady (CAS’14) leave their backline of amps outside and enter quietly. In honor of the occasion, Brady comes dressed in a Star Wars–themed T-shirt printed by Spitzer Space Telescope’s folk-acoustic alter ego, Dan McDonald (CFA’10), one of the performers of the inaugural “BU Today Sessions” from 2008.

“Back when we were just getting started, we all used to listen and look up to Spitzer,” says Brady. “We used to watch him play ‘River Styx’ on ‘BU Today Sessions.’ We all thought that song was phenomenal.”

Milk’s performance kicks off this year’s “BU Today Sessions,” shot entirely on location at the home of Kenneth Elmore (SED’87), dean of students, and featuring performances by musicians, bands, and songwriters from the BU community.

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