The goals of the center are:

  • To develop and apply computational methods for the analysis and design of structures, functions,  interactions, regulation and evolution of biological macromolecules; and to use such understanding to contribute to the advancement of modern biological, engineering and medical sciences. In meeting these objectives, the BMERC is continually developing new computer-assisted analytical  approaches that address basic problems in molecular biology.
  • To connect basic sciences with engineering and medical applications. On the basic science side, BMERC has active collaborations with faculty from the Department of Chemistry (Profs. Whitty, Allen, Porco), the Department of Physiology and Biophysics (Prof. Marintchev). Within engineering, BMERC collaborates with members of the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE).  In particular, we closely collaborate with Profs. Paschalidis, Herbordt (ECE Department), Vakili (Mechanical Engineering), and Frank-Kamenetskii (Biomedical Engineering).
  • To provide collaborative research support and training to the Boston University and wider research communities, with focus on graduate students.