BME Teaching Lab (TLab)

The Biomedical Engineering Teaching Laboratory is a biomedical instrumentation facility located at 48 Cummington Street, room 209. It supports the data acquisition and measurement activities of several courses. There are 14 stations with a full hardware setup (see hardware list below), two more configured just as computer workstations, and some basic wet-lab capability (several sinks, air/vac lines, and glassware).

Lab Info

Location:48 Cummington Mall, Room 209

Hours: Continuous card access for approved users

Calendar and room request form

Card Access:Log into Zaius and apply for “ERA 209″


Support Staff: Jesse Connell

Need help? For technical support, please contact ENG IT at or

Courses Supported

EK130/1/2, BE491, BE492, BE508, BE511, BE606

Software Used

Course-specific programs will sometimes be started from within the course directory on the V:\ network drive (such as “Control A to D” for BE491).

Hardware Available

There are 16 computers in total (14 with additional equipment), a black and white network printer linked to each computer, and a small projector that is available on request.

Lab Stations

The 14 lab stations with a complete hardware setup consist of:

  • Dell Precision T1600 workstation running Windows 7
  • Agilent DSO1002A oscilloscope
  • Agilent function generator
  • Agilent power supply
  • National Instruments PCI-6024E DAQ board (12-bit, 16 inputs, ±0.05 to ±10 V range)

There are hardware manuals and specifications under V:\be\be491\Reference Material for most of the lab’s equipment.


A projector is available for lab use, but it must be requested ahead of time for us to guarantee it will be set up and ready to use.

To request the projector, email with:

  • “BME Teaching Lab Projector” in the subject line
  • When you will need it (dates and times and/or semester, as appropriate)
  • What you will project with (so we can help make sure it will be compatible)

Projector details:

  • Model: Dell M115HD
  • Video Inputs: VGA and HDMI
  • Native Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Audio: built-in speaker (HDMI-only)

Hardware in Storage Available for Student Loan

  • ECG and EOG equipment
    • iWorx C-ISO-255 preamplifiers (DC-coupled version for EOG)
    • ECG electrodes (pediatric size for EOG)
  • iWorx PT-100 pressure transducer
  • iWorx GSR-200 Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier
  • Spectrometry supplies
    • Ocean Optics USB 2000 USB spectrometer
    • Light source with cuvette holder
    • Fiber optic cables
    • color filters, paper, laser pointer and flashlight
  • Circuit Supplies
    • Breadboards + wire kits
    • Assorted circuit elements and ICs
  • Old Benchtop Instruments
    • Tektronix TDS 220 Oscilloscope
    • Tektronix CFG 253 Function Generator
    • Tektronix CPS 250 Power Supply
    • iWorx ETH-255 Amplifier
    • Stanford Research Systems SR560 Differential Amplifier