Respiratory Research

Principal Investigator: Andrew Jackson

The Respiratory Research Laboratory’s major research objectives are: using engineering and scientific principles to provide insight into the function of the respiratory system; developing methods of non-invasively quantifying changes in lung function resulting from disease or pharmacological interventions. Specific activities include:

  • Measurement of the mechanical impedance of the respiratory and pulmonary systems. Measurement and analysis of the underlying microscopic and macroscopic properties of the pulmonary tissues and cells [start]Development of instrumentation for measurements of pulmonary function in adults, infants, and patients in intensive care units
  • Prediction of the system’s behavior through detailed morphometrically based computer models that include the acoustic properties of the branching airways, non-linear visco- and plasto-elastic properties of the tissues
  • Develop constitutive descriptions of the respiratory tissues based on their molecular, cellular, and systems structure and function
  • Use of systems identification techniques to extract physiologically relevant parameters from complex mechanical impedance data
  • Computer modeling of gas transport and mixing in the lung