Biomedical Microdevices and Microenvironments Lab

Principal Investigator: Catherine Klapperich

The Biomedical Microdevices and Microenvironments Laboratory is focused on the interactions between biological molecules and cells and synthetic microenvironments. Specifically, we are interested in building microenvironments in vitro that mimic the physiological environment. These synthetic microenvironments are intended for use in diagnostics, high throughput drug screening, and to enable previously impossible basic science studies. Currently we have projects aimed at recapitulating the microenvironments of the breast, cochlea and motor neurons. We are also engaged in the design and engineering of manufacturable disposable microfluidic systems for low-cost point of care molecular diagnostics. We are currently working on devices for the detection of C. difficile, influenza and C-Reactive Protein, an inflammatory marker in heart disease.