Nanotechnology Innovation Center

Director: Mark Grinstaff

Nanoscience and nanotechnology research and development are leading a revolution in basic materials science and engineering. New advancements with designed functionality are poised to enable a huge range of applications in everything from developing fundamental building block in the electronics, photonics, and materials sectors, to sensors, biomimetic and biocompatible platforms throughout the biomedical and health sector.

The strength of Boston University’s efforts in interdisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology form an axis that begins in basic materials science, surface science, physics, chemistry, and engineering, extending into molecular and cellular biology, biophysics, and the technologies of microfluidics, MEMS, and onto manufacturing. Our strengths are in developing and using nanotechnology advances in materials and platforms with our capabilities in biomedical engineering to focus on applications in understanding subcellular processes, biomolecular function and human physiology.

The new Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology is established to advance academic and technological research and development in nanoscience and nanobiotechnology. The Center serves as a hub for nanoscience researchers from the Charles River and Medical Campuses and build activities that develop interdisciplinary research and training. The Center will connect scientists from disparate disciplines with each other in seminars, meetings, joint visitor programs and seeded projects to enhance the development of interdisciplinary nanoscale research. The Center will lead large, interdisciplinary proposal development and run funded programs for both research and training, as well as support individual researchers in their efforts by linking them with resources throughout the University and beyond. The Center will also build linkages between the research and technological commercialization resources at BU including the Photonics Center, the Technology Commercialization Institute, and Fraunhofer and with external partners and industrial affiliates.