Dan Ehrlich, Ph.D.

Research Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Ph.D., Optics, University of Rochester

Curriculum Vitae
Complete Publication List
Cell Photometrics Laboratory
Office Phone: 617-358-2919
Lab Phone: 617-358-4976
Email: danehr@bu.edu
Office: ERB 247; Office hours: By appointment
Lab: ERB 216

Research Interests

New instrumentation and methods for cell-based assays, deep-UV microscopy, microfluidics for assay of DNA, RNA and protein.

Current Research

The emerging view is that cancer shares an analogy to contagious disease. Under healthy systemic control, or with the intervention of drugs, an evolving balance is developed between healthy and potentially malignant rare progenitor cell types. Therefore, “base-line” genomic data is insufficient, and averaged genomic data or averaged expression patterns are very indirect and blunt as a diagnostic.

Our laboratory is developing the new methods and instruments needed to gather sufficiently detailed molecular snapshots from sufficiently specific rare-cell phenotypes for both drug development and clinical diagnosis. To some large part, the technology that can fill the gap can be assembled from high-speed microscopy and microfluidics, however, the instruments and work flow need to be redesigned, and other elements such as efficient cost-effective quantitative expression analysis need to be re-thought in format.

Selected Recent Publications

McKenna B, Evans J, Cheung M, and Ehrlich DJ. “A Parallel Microfluidic Flow Cytometer for High-Content ScreeningNature Methods. DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.1595 (Published online April 10, 2011)

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