Jason Ritt, Ph.D.

JRitt_001Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Faculty Member,Computational Neuroscience Specialization and Graduate Program for Neuroscience
Member, Boston University Photonics Center

Ph.D., Neuroscience, Boston University
M.A., Mathematics, Boston University
B.S., Oberlin Conservatory
Email: jritt@bu.edu
Phone: (617) 353-5903
Office: LSE 201; Office hours: By appointment
Lab website

Research Interests

Neuroscience of sensorimotor behaviors; biological active sensing; functional role of embodiment in neural computation; brain machine interfaces; neural prosthetics.

Current Research

Dr. Ritt’s research concentrates on how organisms gather and use information from their environment, through processes of active sensing and sensory decision making.

Current projects employ electrophysiological, behavioral, optogenetic and theoretical methods applied to the rodent whisker system, a highly refined tactile sensory system.  Experiments combine multi-electrode recording of brain activity; high speed videography of behavior and development of automated image analysis algorithms; and optical stimulation of specific cell types (e.g., excitatory vs. inhibitory neurons) using genetically targeted expression of light sensitive ion channels.  Parallel modeling uses tools from dynamical systems, control theory and decision theory. Augmenting experiments with model-driven, real-time feedback forms a basis for development of brain machine interfaces, with an emphasis on sensory neural prosthetics, in addition to providing state of the art tools to address basic questions of neural function.


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