David C. Mountain, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Mountain

Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Research Professor, Otolaryngology

Auditory Biophysics and Simulation Laboratory
Hearing Research Center

M.S., Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Phone: (617) 353-4343; Fax: (617) 353-6766
Email: dcm@bu.edu
Office: ERB 413A; Office hours: By appointment

Recently inducted into AIMBE “for significant engineering-driven advance in the structure-function-mechanism relations of auditory physiology, with emphasis on outer hair cells and cochlea”.

Research Interests

Auditory information processing; sensory biophysics; computer simulation; biomedical electronics; biomedical signal processing; environmental engineering.

Current Research

Dr. Mountain’s research centers around the experimental and theoretical studies of hearing function, including: cochlear biomechanics, otoacoustic emissions, auditory processing of complex sounds, and auditory evoked potentials. Professor Mountain also engages in studies designed to predict the impact of anthropogenic sound sources on marine mammals.


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