Daniel Segrè, Ph.D.

photo of Dr. Segre

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Bioinformatics
Associate Professor, Biology

Ph.D., Life Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science
M.Sc., Physics, University of Trieste

Phone: (617) 358-2301
Fax: (617) 353-4814
Email: dsegre@bu.edu
Website: prelude.bu.edu
Office hours: By appointment

Research Interests

We are interested in the evolutionary dynamics of biological networks, in particular in the interplay between response to genetic and environmental perturbations, genomic-level functional organization, and optimal adaptation. Our goals include developing constraint-based models to study the regulatory and evolutionary dynamics of metabolic networks across different organisms, cell types, and interacting cell populations.

Selected Recent Publications

Mattia Zampieri, Giuseppe Legname, Daniel Segre’, Claudio Altafini. “A system-level approach for deciphering the transcriptional response to prion infection” Bioinformatics. (2011)

Hsin-Hung Chou, Hsuan-Chao Chiu, Nigel F. Delaney, Daniel Segre’, Christopher J. Marx. “Diminishing Returns Epistasis Among Beneficial Mutations Decelerates Adaptation” Science. 332: 1190. (2011)

Ed Reznik, Daniel Segre’, William Erik Sherwood. “The quasi-steady state assumption in an enzymatically open system” (2011)

Niels Klitgord and Daniel Segre’. “Ecosystems biology of microbial metabolism” Current Opinions in Biotechnology. 22:1-6. (2011)

Evan S. Snitkin and Daniel Segre’. “Epistatic interaction maps relative to multiple metabolic phenotypes” PLoS Genetics. 7(2): e1001294. (2011)

Miriam Rosenbaum, Haim Y. Bar, Qasim Beg, Daniel Segre’, James Booth, Michael A. Cotta, Largus T. Angenent. “Shewanella oneidensis in a lactate-fed pure-culture and a glucose-fed co-culture with Lactococcus lactis with an electrode as electron acceptor” Bioresource Technology. 102, 2623-2628. (2011)

Moritz Schuette, Alexander Skupin, Daniel Segre’ and Oliver Ebenhoeh. “Modeling the complex dynamics of enzyme-pathway coevolution” Chaos. 20, 045115. (2010)

Niels Klitgord and Daniel Segre’. “Environments that induce synthetic microbial ecosystems” PLoS Computational Biology. 6(11): e1001002. (2010)

Ed Reznik and Daniel Segre’. “On the Stability of Metabolic Cycles” J. Theor. Biol. 266, pp. 536-549. (2010)

Daniel Segre’ and Christopher Marx. “Introduction to focus issue: genetic interactions” Chaos. Jun; 20(2):026101. (2010)

William J. Riehl, Paul Krapivsky, Sidney Redner and Daniel Segre’. “Signatures of Arithmetic Simplicity in Metabolic Network Architecture” PLoS Computational Biology. 6(4): e1000725. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000725. (2010)

Varun Mazumdar, Evan Snitkin, Salomon Amar and Daniel Segrè. “Metabolic network model of a human oral pathogen” Journal of Bacteriology. 191(1): 74-90. (Jan 2009)