Laertis Ikonomou, Ph.D.

IkonomouCROPAssistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor of Medicine
B.A. Chemical Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Ph.D. Biochemical Engineering, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium



  • Lung developmental biology
  • Lung Epithelial Lineage Specification
  • Development of new platforms for stem cell expansion and differentiation

Selected Publications:

Ikonomou L*, Longmire TA*, Hawkins F, Christodoulou C, Cao Y, Jean YC, Kwok LW, Shen SS, Dowton AA, Serra M, Green MD, Snoeck HS, Ramirez MI and Kotton DN (2012) Efficient derivation of purified lung and thyroid progenitors from embryonic stem cells, Cell Stem Cell, 10: 398-411.

Diaz PI, Xie Z, Sobue T, Thompson A, Biyikoglu B, Ricker A, Ikonomou L and Dongari-Bagtzoglou A (2012) Synergistic Interaction between Candida albicans and Commensal Oral Streptococci in a Novel In Vitro Mucosal Model, Infect. Immun., 80: 620-632.

Ikonomou L, Hemnes AR, Bilousova G, Hamid R, Loyd JE, Hatzopoulos AK, Kotton DN, Majka SM and Austin ED (2011) Programmatic Change: Lung Disease Research in the Era of Induced Pluripotency, Am. J. Physiol. Lung Cell. Mol. Physiol. 301: L830-835.

Kotova S , Vijayasarathy C, Dimitriadis EK, Ikonomou L, Jaffe H, Sieving PA. Retinoschisin (RS1) Interacts with Negatively Charged Lipid Bilayers in the presence of Ca2+: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study. Biochemistry. 2010; 49(33): 7023-7032.

Ott HC, Clippinger B, Conrad C, Schuetz C, Pomerantseva I, Ikonomou L, Kotton D, Vacanti JP. Regeneration and orthotopic transplantation of a bioartificial lung. Nat. Med. 2010; 16(8): 927-933.

Lenas P, Moreno A, Ikonomou L, Mayer J, Honda H, Novellino A, Pintor J. The complementarity of the technical tools of tissue engineering and the concepts of artificial organs for the design of functional bioartificial tissues. Artif. Organs. 2008; 32(9): 742-746.

Ikonomou L, Geras-Raaka E, Raaka BM, Gershengorn MC. b-catenin signaling in mesenchymal islet-derived precursor cells. Cell Prolif. 2008; 41(3): 474-491.

Ikonomou L*, Davani B, Raaka BM, Geras-Raaka E, Morton RA, Marcus-Samuels B, Gershengorn MC. Human islet-derived precursor cells are mesenchymal stromal cells that differentiate and mature to hormone-expressing cells in vivo. Stem Cells. 2007; 25(12): 3215-3222.

Ikonomou L, Schneider Y-J and Agathos SN. Insect cell culture for industrial production of recombinant proteins. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 2003; 62(1): 1-20.

* indicates equal contribution