BME PhD Prospectus Defense - Hao Li

10:00 am on Monday, November 25, 2013
44 Cummington Mall, Room 203
Title: “Attenuation Correction for Time-Of-Flight Positron Emission Tomography Reconstruction via Data Consistency Condition”

Quanzheng Li (Radiology, MGH/HMS) *Research Advisor
W. Clem Karl (ECE) *Co-Advisor, Chair
Irving Bigio (BME)
Darren Roblyer (BME)

In positron emission tomography (PET), attenuation correction is essential for quantitative reliability of tracer distribution imaging. Time-of-flight PET is an emerging technology that enables measurement of arrival time difference between two coincident photons. It has been demonstrated this additional information provided by TOF PET can determine its attenuation sinogram up to a constant. By adopting Helgason-Ludwig consistency condition, we have strengthened this theorem such that in general circumstances attenuation sinogram can be uniquely determined. Based on this fact we have proposed a group of methods for estimating attenuation sinogram from TOF PET data in different scenarios. We have verified some of them by simulations on NCAT phantom, and will continue to develop a dedicated method for PET torso imaging and then verify our methods by real phantom data.