Undergraduate Registration Periods

  • Fall (October – November)
  • Spring (March – April)


Important Semester Dates and Deadlines

Academic Year

Fall 2015 Registration Dates and Times

The Registration Planner is now open on the Student Link:

  1. Logon to the ‘Student Link‘
  2. Select the ‘Academics’ tab
  3. Select ‘Registration’
  4. Select the ‘Semester and Year’
  5. Select ‘Planner’ option
  6. Select the ‘Add’ option
  7. Select ‘Semester Classes

NOTE: Students who are not compliant will be unable to access the Registration Planner (ex. eligible students must acknowledge they have been notified of the the Mass Motor Vehicle Law or you will be unable to register for the upcoming semesters).  Check the Registrar’s website for additional details regarding “Requirements for Registration.”

New Courses

Check out the Biology Department’s new courses for Spring 2015!

BMB requirements are listed in the online Bulletin. The Bulletin also provides a list of courses that can fulfill your Divisional Studies requirements.