Faculty in BMB and Biotechnology

Enzyme mechanisms and macromolecular crystallography

  • Gary Benson, Associate Professor of Biology and Bioinformatics

Algorithm development for DNA sequence analysis

Developmental biology; embryonic pattern formation; systems biology

Spectroscopic and mechanistic investigations of non-heme iron metalloproteins and metalloenzymes; biochemical and medical

Plant development, defense, and metabolism; genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology

Systems biology, single-cell functional genomics, epigenetic and transcriptional regulation, immune regulation, translational research, inflammation, bioinformatics

Cancer, programmed cell death, signal transduction, gene expression

Enzymes involved in nitrogen, sulfur, and selenium metabolism

Host-microbe interactions at the molecular, cellular and organismal level; mechanisms of bacterial transmission through stem-cell niche infection

Immune regulation, gene regulatory networks, systems biology, disease mutations, inflammation, transcription factors

Molecular biology, cell biology, signal transduction, cancer, molecular ecology

Macromolecular, bioinorganic and biological chemistry

Cancer, cell cycle, gene expression regulation, cell signaling, proliferation, cell survival, transcriptional networks

Molecular and cellular basis of synaptic function and Alzheimer’s disease

Nature and regulation of carbohydrate transport in micro-organisms

Electrophysiology and molecular mechanisms of secretion

Signal transduction pathways in human innate-immune responses

Molecular biology; mechanisms by which carcinogens cause mutations and cancer

Drosophila developmental biology, cell death, oogenesis

Cardiac development and disease, muscle regeneration, muscular dystrophy, mouse developmental biology, gene regulation

Enzymes in the biosynthesis and utilization of iron-sulfer clusters

Develop of catalytic reactions for use in organic synthesis; synthesis of natural products that affect cell proliferation

Systems biology of the immune and inflammatory systems, biochemistry, genomics, gene regulation

Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Science

Biochemistry, enzymology, molecular and human genetics of enzymes in sugar metabolism

New chemical methods to determine the structure of RNA and DNA protein complexes

Genomic regulatory mechanisms; molecular endocrinology and cell signaling; angiogenesis and immune system in cancer therapy; environmental chemical epigenetics; bioinformatics

Protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions; molecular mechanisms of growth factor receptor activation and signaling