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ELUSIVE TRUTH (Words & Music by A. Marscher ©2000)

1. In the dark shadows of my mind cold winds blow / Winds of doubt that it's possible to know

Just what is right and what is wrong / Even as I learn more the feeling remains strong

2. Is there just one way to interpret the world? / Will the picture become clear like a flag when unfurled?

Or is it relative and we each interpret / What we observe from our peculiar mindset?

Chorus: Is there such a thing as absolute truth? / Or is it just an ideal from one's naive youth?

The more I know, the more it becomes clear / That the focus becomes blurred just as I draw near

Bridge: I'm lost in thought . . . does light get absorbed by the sun?

My mind gets caught in a trap enclosed by the one elusive truth

3. If I look at it from different perspectives / All the points of view become electives

Many layers of truth simultaneously existing / There are many ways to look at the same thing

[End with chorus]


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