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OJ287 kiloparsec-scale jet
Above: BL Lac object OJ287, at a redshift of 0.306 (distance of 5.15 billion light-years), so that 1" corresponds to 15,000 light-years
False color: X-ray image from the Chandra X-ray Observatory;
contours: 1.4 GHz radio image from the Very Large Array. Click here to view a similar jet in a quasar.


Research on Blazars                

VLBA Images of Gamma-Ray Blazars at 43 GHz with Images, Models, & Polarization (Project beginning summer 2007, data will be available here within 3 months of each observation)

Prof. Alan Marscher's textbook on cosmology for non-science majors: From Nothing to Everything: The Story of Our Universe

Prof. Alan Marscher's presentation on Jets from Black Holes in Quasars at the Northeast Astronomy Forum on Saturday April 18, 2009 (for anyone interested in black holes & quasars)

Original Science Songs by Cosmos II (including international hit "Superluminal Lover")

Interesting Research Result: Double flare in blazar BL Lac reveals inner jet emitting visible light, X-rays, and gamma-rays

Dr. Alan Marscher                                      Dr. Svetlana Jorstad

Professor of Astronomy                                       Senior Research Scientist



Dr. Manasvita Joshi, Senior Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Monasvita Joshi photo


Dr. Joseph Neilsen, Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow Joey Neilsen

Michael Malmrose Mr. Michael Malmrose, Graduate Student


                                 Nick MacDonald Mr. Nicholas MacDonald, Graduate Student


        Mason Keck        

Mr. Mason Keck, Graduate Student


                                 Karen Williamson Ms. Karen Williamson, Researcher


           Kelly Blumenthal
            Mr. Rocco Lico, Visiting Graduate Student (from U. Bologna, Italy)

           Vishal Bala
            Mr. Vishal Bala, 3rd-year Undergraduate Student

 Ivan AgudoDr. Ivan Agudo, former Postdoctoral Research Associate & current Visiting Scientist


If you have any questions about the BU Blazar Research Group, please send e-mail to Prof. Marscher.