Alan Marscher is part of a long-term collaboration with Drs. Jose Luis Gomez, Ivan Agudo, and Antonio Alberdi (IAA, Granada, Spain), Jose Maria Marti, Miguel Angel Aloy, and Jose Maria Ibanez (U. Valencia, Spain, and Phillip Hardee (U. Alabama) to simulate the gas dynamics of relativistic jets in quasars and similar objects. One such simulation run in summer 1996 can be viewed here, which shows a movie of the pressure, energy density, and flow Lorentz factor in a jet with steady flow at a Lorentz factor of 4 at the injection point, disturbed by a short-lived injection of fluid at a Lorentz factor of 11. The conversion of the hydrodynamical parameters into synchrotron emission is shown here for an observer whose line of sight makes an angle of 10 degrees to the jet axis. In order to compare with VLBI observations, the second movie shows the emission convolved with a circular Gaussian point spread function ("beam" in radio astronomy parlance).

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