Paul Queenan Award

Juan Carlos Ticona awarded Paul Queenan Memorial Award


JuanCarlosTicona recipient of PaulQueenan award

L to R: Gloria Vachino, Associate Director, Juan Carlos Ticona, Recipient of the Paul Queenan Memorial Award, Rachel Weiss, Counselor and Work Skills Educator, and Connie Phillips, Director.

Juan Carlos Ticona, a graduate of the BioScience Academy Class of 2014, was awarded the Paul Queenan Memorial Award for academic excellence at the May 2014 graduation ceremony. Juan Carlos also received a Certificate in Applied Biotechnology for successfully meeting the requirements of the Bioscience Academy program that included a three-month internship in the Department of Biochemistry and Ophthalmology under the mentorship of Dr. Vickery Trinkhaus-Randall.

BioScience Academy is a Boston University-based federally funded program administered through Metropolitan College and the School of Medicine. The City of Boston, who oversees the four year, $1.4 million grant, selected BU as the main training provider in 2012.  The program offers biotechnology training to unemployed and underemployed Boston area residents who already have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or math. The goal is for graduates from the two-semester program to find rewarding jobs in the growing Massachusetts Life Sciences/ Biopharmaceutical sector.

Juan Carlos is a member of the second graduating class of Bioscience Academy and the second graduate to receive the Paul Queenan Memorial Award. We are very proud of his accomplishments and wish him the best in the next phase of his scientific career as a Manufacturing Technician at Biogen Idec!


Paul Queenan Memorial Award

Paul Queenan graduated from CityLab Academy in 2006.  Before entering the program, Paul obtained his GED and took a few courses at a community college.

Paul wanted to change careers from construction to biomedical laboratory science, but he fully understood that he needed college and training to pursue his dream.  After graduation, Paul found a job at a Harvard Medical School laboratory and was happy in his new-found career.

Unexpectedly, Paul died in December 2007.  Because Paul shared with his family the enormous difference CityLab Academy made in his life, the Queenan family requested that donations in Paul’s memory be given to CityLab Academy.  Recently, the family generously agreed to give the award to a BioScience Academy student since CityLab Academy no longer exists.

At each year’s graduation ceremony, the Paul Queenan award is bestowed upon a graduate who shares similar qualities: conscientiousness, self-motivation and a strong academic record.

BioScience Academy thanks the Queenan family for their generosity.