UROP Instructions

The total poster display area will be 4’h x 4’w, therefore your poster must fit within these parameters.

Due to printer limitations, the maximum square size is 3.5’h x 3.5’w.

An example of the generic UROP layout

General layout (grey is foam board 48″ sq, large format poster is 42″sq in white)


>Embed all fonts to ensure that symbols print correctly. If working with proprietary fonts, a PDF is the best option for reproduction.

>We will NOT print out all black posters, the cost and time involved are prohibitive.

>use CMYK color instead of RGB. Occasionally color matching issues arise. We will not operate with full-color matching for UROP

> DON’T use transparency effects.  They do NOT print out. Shadowy letters in PowerPoint look awful when printed

>make certain all graphics are embedded( not linked). As above PDFs from MATLAB can be incorporated into the poster and print correctly. ChemDraw files can be saved as tif prior to insertion.

>** Excel for Mac and PowerPoint for Mac are notorious for linking. It is also a great idea to have all of the images in your poster available in a folder in case you need to re-embed them.

> use appropriate BU logos. The university seal should not be used on posters. We have high-resolution logos for the university, and for UROP. If you clip a logo from the web and use it it will look fuzzy or pixelated when blown up.

> We also have templates with the logos intact that are available upon request.

You do not have to be present for the actual printing.

Final posters may be submitted for printing by email to pcastell@bu.edu

The poster display boards will provide a foam core surface onto which you can tack your poster.  UROP will have tacks available.  If your poster exceeds the specified measurements, you may have difficulty displaying it.

The following information is for general information

Possible poster formats:

A single-sheet poster printed on a large format printer ( BioMediacenter, Kinkos, Staples eg.)

or DIY options NOT involving the BioMediacenter or another print shop:

Two to four standard poster boards or   8.5” x 11” PowerPoint printouts with large banner title

Regardless of the format you choose, keep elements of symmetry and balance in mind.  All posters should include a project title, your name (underlined), your advisor’s name and department, and an acknowledgment of funding sources.  If you are going to use the Boston University logo, please be sure it is the most up to date logo. The Biomedia center has high-resolution logos available

Limit your use of colors.  It is fine to include color graphs or color photographs.  Add titles like Table 1, Figure 1, for easy reference to any tables, graphs, or figures you include.

Use large, uncomplicated fonts.  The print should be legible from at least three feet away.  Limit the number of different print fonts that you use.  Simplicity makes for better design.

Your poster is likely to include the following:

§  A title that states the topic and a conclusion of your work

§  An abstract in fairly large font

§  A description of research goals and methods

§  A presentation of results (figure titles should be statements of conclusions)

§  A summary of major conclusions (with bullet points)

§  Future directions for the research

§  A (short) bibliography or list of references

§  Acknowledgments (citing any help you received or sources of funding support)

§  You may have an accompanying handout for visitors to take away

On the day of the symposium be prepared to stand beside your poster for one hour (UROP will assign your time) between 11 am-Noon or Noon – 1 pm to explain your work and to answer questions.  Professional dress is recommended.  Your audience will be undergraduates, graduate students, parents (it’s Parents’ Weekend), faculty, alumni, possibly graduate school representatives, corporate and foundation representatives.  All posters will be judged during the course of the symposium, and awards will be given for the top three posters and the best student speaker.  The student prize winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at 2 pm.