Specialization in Quantitative Biology

Quantitative and computational approaches are becoming increasingly important in biological research, particularly as new technologies provide access to ever-growing sources of information about genes and genomes.

The specialization in Quantitative Biology (QB) was designed for qualified undergraduates interested in combining work in the biological sciences with training in mathematics. While allowing substantial flexibility, the specialization requires seven biology courses beyond Introductory Biology, many of which are designed to emphasize quantitative approaches to biological problems, plus five mathematics courses beyond calculus. By offering a comprehensive foundation in math and biology, the Quantitative Biology curriculum prepares students for advanced career options while preserving flexibility for changing student interests.

Students who complete the QB specialization will be well prepared for graduate study in fields such as:

  • Quantitative and mathematical biology
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Environmental and ecological sciences
  • Medicine

For a more detailed listing of courses and requirements for this specialization, see the undergraduate bulletin