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Important Semester Dates and Deadlines

Spring 2015 Registration Dates and Times

The Registration Planner is now open on the Student Link:

  1. Logon to the ‘Student Link‘
  2. Select the ‘Academics’ tab
  3. Select ‘Registration’
  4. Select the ‘Semester and Year’
  5. Select ‘Planner’ option
  6. Select the ‘Add’ option
  7. Select ‘Semester Classes

NOTE: Students who are not compliant will be unable to access the Registration Planner (ex. eligible students must acknowledge they have been notified of the the Mass Motor Vehicle Law or you will be unable to register for the upcoming semesters).

Freshmen Registration Guidelines

Freshmen registration advising will take place the week before the fall/spring freshmen registration date (typically early November/April). All freshmen majoring in Biology or any specialization are REQUIRED to attend one of the Mandatory Freshmen Advising Sessions in order to receive their registration code. Students will meet with the freshmen advisor, Michelle Sherman, and several faculty members to discuss their academic plans for spring and other academic opportunities (ex. Study Abroad, Research for Credit, etc.). You will NOT sign up for an individual advising appointment.

Students will be assigned a Biology faculty advisor at the end of their freshmen year. However, we are happy to facilitate meetings with faculty members at any time for students with questions or concerns. Please email Michelle Sherman if you would like to meet with a faculty member.

Mandatory Freshmen Advising Dates:

Biology Freshmen Advising Session pdf

Tuesday, November 11th, 3:30PM in SAR 101
Wednesday, November 12th, 12PM in PHO 206

Upperclassmen Registration Guidelines

Unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, please sign up for an appointment with your advisor during the appropriate week listed below:

October 20th - 24th advising appointments are intended for CURRENT Seniors
October 27th – 31st advising appointments are intended for CURRENT Juniors
November 3rd - 7th advising appointments are intended for CURRENT Sophomores

1. Check the Student Link for your assigned advisor. Please follow the instructions on the Academic Advising page if you need an advisor.

2. Sign up for an appointment with your Faculty Advisor using AdvsiorTrac. If your advisor does not have compatable availability, plese email him/her directly to set up a time to meet. If you are unable to find an alternative time to meet, you may attend Open Advising. Instructions on how to access AdvisorTrac can be found in the Registration Instructions pdf.

NOTE: You may need to change your internet security settings on your computer to access the site. The following message may pop up (or something similar), "Safari can't verify the identify of the website "" You should click "continue" to access the site. The website is secure (CAS Advising also uses this system to book appointments with their advisors).

3. Meet with your advisor to discuss your plan for next semester.

What to Bring to your Advising Appointment:

NOTE: Please make sure you start your planning process BEFORE you attend your advising appointment. You should have your registration form at least partially filled out when you go to meet with your advisor. It is NOT efficient to attend your advising appointment without putting any thought into your plan for next semester.

4. Bring your COMPLETED and SIGNED Registration Form to Michelle Sherman in the Main Biology Office (BRB 101) at 5 Cummington Mall. You WILL NOT receive your registration code without a signed registration form from your faculty advisor or you provide a confirmation email from your advisor approving your spring 2015 plan.

NOTE: You do NOT need to make an appointment to pick up your registration code. You can come any time during the appropriate weeks listed below. Please feel free to discuss any other questions/concerns you may have when you meet with Michelle.

If you are Changing your Major or Transferring to Another College within BU

You will not need to meet with your Biology advisor (but you can if you wish to do so). You SHOULD meet with an advisor in the department you will be transferring to. For example, a student who is transferring to SMG should meet with an SMG advisor. A student who is transferring to SAR should meet with a SAR advisor. A student who is changing their major to Psychology should meet with a Psychology advisor.

  • Students who are considering a change should meet with their Biology advisor as well as an advisor in the college/department they are looking to transfer to.
  • To receive your registration code from, you still need to bring an approved plan, signed by an advisor from your future department/school during the appropriate week listed below.

Study Abroad Registration

For students CURRENTLY abroad:

Follow these steps in order to recive your registration code:

1. Email your faculty advisor your course selection for the upcoming semester.
2. Obtain email confirmation of your course selection from your faculty advisor.
3. Forward Michelle Sherman the confirmation email.

For students who are GOING abroad:

If you are planning to study abroad in the spring, you should still meet with your advisor to go over your fall schedule and to start thinking about your fall 2015 schedule. You should register for classes as if you were staying on campus until you are officially accepted into a study abroad program, which means you still need to bring me a signed Registration form from your Biology advisor so I can provide your code. It is always better to meet with your advisor to discuss your plan if you were stay on campus just in case you do not go abraod.

Tropical Ecology Program: Students who are participating in the Tropical Ecology Program, or any other program that will NOT have accessibility to the internet during the registration period, must complete the CAS Registration Planner form pdf and submit it to the Abroad office BEFORE their departure from Boston. The Registration Planner Form is designed to assist CAS students with preparation for course registration for their return to campus. Take a copy of your completed Registration Planner with you to your program site for reference during the registration period.

Please review the full list of Abroad Registration instructions before your departure.

Registration Code Pick-Up Times

Please follow this schedule based on your current class year.


Summer Term

Summer 2015 registration will begin in february.

Students who are planning on taking summer courses are encouraged to speak to their advisor before registering for classes. However, a registration code is not requried to register. BU students can register for summer courses via the Student Link.

Please visit the Summer Term website for additional information.


Our Undergrads

    Our Undergrads

    Clarie Schenkel works in Dr. Kim McCall's laboratory studying programmed cell death in the ovaries of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

    Our Undergrads

    Colin Averill recenlty published a paper in the prestigious journal, Ecology, along with his advisor, Dr. Adrien Finzi. His research work focuses on the forms of nitrogen that control the productivity of hardwood and boreal forests.

    Our Undergrads

    Curran Uppaluri is pursuing a dual major in both Biology and Economics and works with Dr. Peter Buston investigating whether Amphiprion percula, a type of anemonefish, exhibit definite personality traits.

    Our Undergrads

    Michelle McInnis, a senior Biology major working with Prof. Richard Primack, is investigating the effects of a warming climate on the flowering and leafing out times of plants.

    Our Undergrads

    Spencer Goodman is a senior working in Dr. John Finnerty's lab investigating gene expression in the parasitic lined sea anemone, Edwardsiella lineata.

    Learn more about our Undergraduate Researchers...