Security Information

Security InformationKeys

Keys for 590 Commonwealth Avenue and 2 and 5 Cummington Mall can be requested online by filling out the Key Request Form and are distributed at the Front Desk in BRB 101. No keys are ever given to students (graduate or undergraduate) without a signature. The key number is stamped on the lock/core of all doors. Keys requested for anyone who is not faculty or staff require a $5 deposit, which can be refunded upon return of all keys. Graduate students who are rotating through laboratories should be encouraged to properly return their keys to the Front Desk and not to switch them on their own. Faculty will periodically receive lists of who holds keys to each core. Please note that the staff does not “chase down” keys from students who are leaving. The key system operates on the assumption that if someone retains a key, it is with your permission. Contact Sara Martin if you feel it is necessary to replace a key.

Keys for 24 Cummington Mall can be obtained from Peter Castellano at extension 3-8736.

Off-Hours Building Access and Swipecard System

Exterior doors to all buildings are locked at night and on weekends. Admittance is possible 24 hours a day, every day via the swipecard reader located next to all main doors. For 590 Commonwealth Avenue, 2 Cummington Mall and 5 Cummington Mall, faculty and staff need to e-mail Maddy Davis in the Main Office to activate their card. To activate students, faculty must contact Maddy Davis with their requests. Periodically, a list will be provided of those people currently authorized by each faculty member for review. It is to everyone’s benefit to make certain that no one is authorized who should not be!

If an entire class needs to be authorized, please provide Maddy with a copy of the class list with ID numbers and number of replacement cards. The default expiration date for a class will be the last day of that semester, unless otherwise requested.

After-hours access to 24 Cummington Mall can be obtained through Dennis Batista, Ext. 8-4282.

Emergencies and Problems

To report an accident or emergency, contact Campus Police at Ext. 3-2121. They will send a police officer to evaluate the situation and determine what action should be taken. Later, contact Sara Martin in the Biology Office to file the required Accident Report. If you are injured, you must also contact the Oc­cupational Health Center at Ext. 3-6630.

In case of emergencies posing a threat to health or safety (chemical spills, etc.), contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at Ext. 3-9734 or contact Campus Police at Ext. 3-2121.

For building services emergencies (heat, electricity, water, refrigeration, etc.), contact Tom Symancyk, Materials/Facilities Manager at Ext. 3-2467. If he is unavailable, contact Dennis Batista, building supervi­sor, at Ext. 3-3842 or the Facilities Management emergency number at Ext. 3-2105. Non-emergency Facilities Management-related problems should be directed to Tom Symancyk or Sara Martin. For broken locks on rooms, please contact Jonathan Perry in the Biology Workshop.