Room Reservations

Biological Research Building (BRB), 5 Cummington Mall

First floor

There are a number of rooms that can be reserved by Biology Department faculty, staff, or students. They can be reserved by contacting the Biology Department Front Desk at 617-353-2432.

The Belamarich Seminar Room (BRB 113) holds approximately 50 people. BRB 115 is set up in a conference table format and holds 30 people. BRB 118 is a small conference room holding 12 people. The Faculty/Graduate Student Lounge (BRB 117) may be used for events requiring food and is connected to BRB 115 by double doors. To view the availability of rooms in BRB, consult the calendars here.

BRB Conference Rooms, Floors 2 thru 5

There is also a conference room on each floor of 5 Cummington, each holding approximately 12 people. These rooms are not available for reservations online. Arrangements vary from floor to floor, so speak with the faculty located nearby the room for more information.

Life Science and Engineering Building (LSEB), 24 Cummington Mall

There is also a conference room on most floors of 24 Cummington. These rooms are not available for reservations online. Arrangements vary from floor to floor, please contact Dennis Batista or Peter Castellano.

Please note: LSE B01 is available for reservations through the registrar’s office, but is being used primarily for classes or weekly seminars. There are very few openings in the schedule during the academic year.


BRB 121 and BRB 122 are classrooms scheduled by the Registrar’s office. Questions about reserving additional classroom space should be directed to Michelle Littke. Department conference rooms are not available for classroom use.

To reserve other facilities on campus, contact the Reservations Office at 3-2932 or the appropriate Department/School.

Computer and Projection Equipment

The following rooms have permanetly mounted LCD projectors for presenation usage:

  • BRB 113
  • BRB 121 (University classroom)
  • BRB 122 (University classroom)
  • BSC 216

In addition to these rooms, the Biology Department has two portable LCD projectors available for departmental usage. Biology faculty, staff and graduate students may reserve these projectors by calling the Front Desk at 617-353-2432. To view the availabilty of the equipment, consult the online calendars. We also have three laptops available - two PCs and one Macintosh - for departmental use. For more information, please contact Kelly McGuire at Ext. 8-4825.

For information on LSEB facilities with projection capabilities, contact Peter Castellano at Ext. 3-8736.


Food and drink for receptions is available for a charge through the University’s Dining Services. For more information on what is available and costs, contact the Catering Department at 3-2957. Kelly McGuire may also be able to provide you with some assistance in how to go about ordering. Please note that Catering generally does require a lead time of a week or more, depending on the menu, so contact them early.