General Workshop

General WorkshopThe Biology Department’s general workshop is located in BRB B21 (5 Cummington) and is managed by Jonathan Perry, the Workshop Supervisor. It is open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Workshop Supervisor routinely works with wood, metal, and plexiglass. He can build or repair almost anything needed for research, courses, or the Department, excluding electronic equip­ment. When it is not possible to make repairs in the workshop, equipment must be sent out for repair or a specialist must be brought in. All work related to the building rather than to the Biology Department (e.g., electricity, plumbing) must be done by Facilities Management.

If necessary materials are not available in the shop to build or repair a piece of equipment for a lab or course, the faculty member requesting the work will be required to provide the materials. This can be done either by providing Jonathan with a source number to charge for the materials (a course or grant number) or you can supply the materials yourself. For jobs that require a special tool that is not avail­able in the Workshop, a faculty member will be asked to acquire it before the job can be started.

Workshop Supervisor: Jonathan Perry

The Workshop Supervisor is a Facilities Management employee who is assigned on a full-time basis to the Biology Department and is responsible for the operations of the Biology Department Workshop. Primary responsibilities include operating and maintaining a machine shop; performing a variety of jobs in Departmental offices and labs; working with faculty, students, and staff on the construction of special equipment. The Workshop Supervisor reports to the Business Manager.

For more detailed information, please visit the Biology Workshop website.