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Research in the Biology Department is diverse and includes all aspects of the contemporary life sciences. Indeed, this diversity is one of the major strengths of the department, facilitating integrative research based on interactions and collaborations between investigators in different disciplines.

The department has recently undergone a major expansion, with the recruitment of new faculty members in several areas, including the molecular biology of development, neurobiology, and ecology and evolution. Laboratories of many of our faculty members are housed in the new interdisciplinary Life Science & Engineering Building, completed in 2005, which also houses faculty from the departments of Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, and the Program in Bioinformatics. Our research laboratories are supported by a variety of shared research facilities, including core laboratories for microarray analysis, proteomics, automated DNA sequencing, electron and confocal microscopy, and analysis of stable isotopes.

Faculty research in the department represents four major areas:

It is also important to note that the research of many of our faculty spans these subdivisions of biology and that many additional areas of collaborative and interdisciplinary research connect the research of Biology faculty with each other and with other departments and programs. These integrative research areas include bioinformatics and systems biology, cancer biology, reproduction and development, neuroscience, environmental science, marine science, and conservation biology.

Our Faculty