Cell and Molecular Biology

Cell and Molecular BiologyThe program in Cell and Molecular Biology includes a broad range of research opportunities in areas of contemporary molecular biology and cell biology, including developmental biology, cell signaling and gene regulation, apoptosis, cell cycle and DNA replication, cancer biology, metabolism and physiology, genomics of disease traits, and microbiology. A variety of approaches are utilized, including genetics, biochemistry, microscopy, and bioinformatics. Scientific questions are explored using a number of model systems covering the evolutionary spectrum, notably humans, mice, rats, sea urchins, zebrafish, frogs, fruit flies, sea anemones, plants, and microorganisms.

The computational approaches used in many research laboratories are bolstered by their affiliation with the graduate program in Bioinformatics. Interdisciplinary scientific interactions are provided as well through the graduate program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry, which also includes faculty from the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Health Sciences.

Faculty with Related Research

  • Gary Benson
    Algorithm development for DNA sequence analysis
  • Cynthia Bradham
    Developmental biology; embryonic pattern formation; systems biology
  • John L. Celenza
    Plant development, defense, and metabolism; genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Geoffrey M. Cooper
    Cancer, programmed cell death, signal transduction, gene expression

  • William D. Eldred
    Visual neurobiology and traumatic brain injury
  • John Finnerty
    Evolution of development, developmental genetics, phylogenetics, evolutionary genomics, invertebrate zoology; coral conservation
  • Horacio Frydman
    Host-microbe interactions at the molecular, cellular and organismal level; mechanisms of bacterial transmission through stem-cell niche infection
  • Thomas Gilmore
    Molecular biology, cell biology, signal transduction, cancer, molecular ecology
  • Ulla Hansen
    Cancer, cell cycle, gene expression regulation, cell signaling, proliferation, cell survival, transcriptional networks
  • Angela Ho
    Molecular and cellular basis of synaptic function in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disease
  • Sir Hans Kornberg
    Nature and regulation of carbohydrate transport in micro-organisms
  • Edward L. Loechler
    Molecular biology; mechanisms by which carcinogens cause mutations and cancer
  • Hengye Man
    Synaptic plasticity, glutamate receptors, protein trafficking, axon growth and neuron polarization, bioenergetics, neurodegenerative disorders and neuronal death
  • Kim McCall
    Drosophila developmental biology, cell death, oogenesis
  • Francisco J. Naya
    Cardiac development and disease, muscle regeneration, muscular dystrophy, mouse developmental biology, gene regulation
  • Daniel Segrè
    Systems biology, evolution of biochemical networks, genomics, metabolic engineering, microbial ecology
  • Trevor W. Siggers
    Systems biology of the immune and inflammatory systems, biochemistry, genomics, gene regulation
  • Dean R. Tolan
    Biochemistry, enzymology, molecular and human genetics of enzymes in sugar metabolism
  • David J. Waxman
    Genomic regulatory mechanisms; molecular endocrinology and cell signaling; angiogenesis and immune system in cancer therapy; environmental chemical epigenetics; bioinformatics
  • Eric Widmaier
    Molecular and endocrine control of body weight; endocrinology and metabolism

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