Faculty Profiles

Gail Patt

Gail Patt

Associate Professor Emerita of Biology

PhD, Boston University, 1963
Areas of interest: comparative anatomy and physiology, human population genetics
(617) 353-5564

Current Research

My past research was focused on vertebrate embryology and specifically the development of the immune system. At present, I teach courses in Anatomy and Human Physiology primarily for Sargeant College of Health & Rehabilitation Science students going into health sciences careers. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing, and athletic training. I also teach courses in anatomy and morphogenesis primarily for biology and marine science majors.

I have published texts in Comparative Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Vertebrate Histology, and a primer text in Genetics. I have also worked to develop a variety of programs in a variety of media — a National Public Television and NPR series on modern biological discoveries, a videodisk on similar material, and video books and print workbooks for students as well as faculty.

Courses Taught

  • BI 106 Human Anatomy
  • BI 215 Human Physiology
  • BI 304 Morphogenesis
  • BI 310 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy